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herkku net tarina massage anal

or context for the change(s) It is preferred that the actual link(s) be included in the edit summary. Secondary text: non required; when adding a comment, users can prefix their comment with the ec template to indicate this. See below for Edit that is explained on the article's Talk page. This is especially useful when the link is to a new material, since Wikipedians watchlisting the current page are likely to be interested in viewing. Secondary text (encouraged Category:Name of category (which puts a useful link directly into the edit summary).

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Examples: mrg: 'USA' 'United States of America' mrgd: USA and United States of America merged in sheepherding and droving (after consenus, see Talk) Back to contents Miscellaneous See Tweaks (on this page) Back to contents Move See also:  Merge mv Meaning: I have moved one. Meaning: I added a comment to this page. herkku net tarina massage anal


Hot prostate massage and cum. This is a list of commonly used edit summary abbreviations. A more concise list is available at quick reference. You can find other Wikipedia terms in the Wikipedia:e also Wikipedia r other useful directories and indexes, see Wikipedia:Directory. Note: This page does not lay down any official guidelines on how to fill out an article's edit summary. Treffit - Suomalainen, suosittu senssi- ja deittipalsta!

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